Friday, September 13, 2019

Next week's #Sketch_Battles Theme 7

#Sketch_Battles Theme 7-
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So this week was been busy, I've been given some really great drawing Opportunities and 
Have been pulling a lot of late nights  and all nighters this week as a result .

I even put out a new book of dream stories, "Garbage Fries", with my friend Becky and the dog Taco, who wishes his name was Tyson, after Mike.

A small test run of books we printed up, sold out in 2 days, so we are off to the printer for a new batch!

But despite how busy it's been ,the bro, Matt and I still made time to enjoy some Blaze Pizza tonight.
 At this point it's almost a weekly tradition.  
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See you all next week!- Mikey>( ^ - ^)<

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