Friday, June 14, 2013

13 hour painting

So here I present you a peak from line art to finished work "Solo Veno, takes a walk" done in acrylic.   The Original piece is 11X14 on wood and will be offered for viewing and purchase at San Gabriel Valley Art Exhibit June 10th-August 10th.

Painting is still somewhat new to me, this being only my 2nd in over a decade and 4th in my lifetime.

I got to say I really like it!!!  I like making mistakes that cannot be undone with the click of a button and having something tangible in hand at the end of the creative process.   

 A 13 hour painting you say?  Well truth in fact is with all the planning work that goes unseen, thumbnail sketches, photo references, digital rough painting, and transferring a clean line sketch to board; it might well run closer to 30hrs.

But that process of sitting and mixing alone through the night and seeing the sunrise through the cracks of the venetian blinds is the magic hour, my 13th hour.

 Were ready or not my brain cries Finito and I go crashing to sleep only to be awakened by the cat with the Labyrinthian gut, Sergio.

Yes I love painting and now I'm dreaming up some more.

That I hope you will enjoy,

Mikey>( ' - ' )<