Friday, February 24, 2017

New KingMakers products!
New KingMakersComix goods from coffee mugs to beach blankets and throw pillows!
Check it out!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy little accidents

Every once in a while a printer might mess up and catch an extra sheet of paper inside a books print run.  This sketch was done by Mikey in such a copy between the pages of Joel Stokes' comic 'Galactic Police' that appeared in the San Diego Comicfest edition of Soda Pop Magazine.

Look for the official issue of Soda Pop Magazine#1 at the end of May and check back here soon for some videos of Mikey inking his newest feature 'The Jungle'!

Mikey >(  ' - ' )<

SodaPop Magazine!

We premiered a special Jack Kirby Tribute issue of our new Soda Pop Magazine 'From Las Vegas to Detroit' at the San Diego ComicFest this past 4 days!  It was an exhausting 4 days filled with friends and little dramas.  I am going back to the editing board and finishing a new cover for the 1st issue that will feature a few new 'Skeeze and Selene' pages in place of the Jack Kirby tribute and a short featuring a young Niko and Grandpa from' The Jungle'!

Look for that official issue of Soda Pop Magazine#1 at the end of May!

- Mikey>( ' - ' )<