Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back from the show and new shirts in the works!

Well we are back from the Las Vegas comics Expo and still recovering from the trip!

We met some nice people and got some interest in our sample shirts soon to be in the KingMakersComix Store.   It was a small show and had  a remarkable amount of bootleg prints posters, stickers, shirts, and toys! 

  A few original creators were in attendance , with their own properties and Matt and I  had the pleasure of eating out with 3 of them!
 I've provided below a sketch of Joel (JoelStokes.com), Kiki Sujatmiko, and Adam S. Lichi (Sick Liquid) representing our dinner at the Burger Bar (thankfully I always carry a folded piece of paper to capture such moments). 

 And  a sketch of Joel, as I observed him across the isle ,with some interesting ladies who stopped to chat with each other in front of his booth  ^_-