Thursday, September 26, 2019

Detroit Event!!! and New #Sketch_Battles theme!!!!

Today I'm skipping the sketch to share a Detroit event poster I did for my Buddy, Miles and his FREE, greasy movie clip show House of Trash, at Pop+Offworld, October 23rd!

Beside arcade games, beer and pizza, I'm told there will also be a noodle bar, and copies of the poster for those lucky enough to show up in time!
And last we forget here's the new #Sketch_Battles Theme as picked by our collaberator, Joel.
Feel free to Join in and tagging us when posting starts on Wednesday!

(Click on image to enlarge)
Enjoy!-Mikey>( ^ - ^ )<

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday's Sketch_battles post!

This  week's #Sketch_Battles "Battling the blank page!" THEME 8 - Girl with one or more pets watching exciting movie at home.

I drew the Tiger girl again this time in her avengers apartment,  with her cats watching "Halloween" on Netflix.

Tools -pen and jelly roll white pen.

                (Click on image to enlarge)

Enjoy!-Mikey >( ^ - ^ )<

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday's sketch and New #Sketch_Battles Theme!

Today's sketch are page 12, panels 10 and 11 of the Valeria book series #19 "The Edge of the Great Void".

And below are the original panels from the brilliant, French cartoonist, Mezieres(inspiration for and lead designer on the "5th Element" film).

Tools- Pigma Micron PN pen, Jellyroll white pen.

                    (Click on images to enlarge)
 (And the original!)

If you like what you see here, I recommend checking out one or all of the Cinebook's "Valerian and Laureline" series, you won't be sorry you did!

And last we forget, here's our newest #Sketch_Battles Theme 8!

Girl with one or more pets watching exciting movie at home.
(Click on image to view and participate!)
Enjoy!- Mikey>( ^ - ^ )<

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Sketch_battles Theme 7!

##Sketch_Battles "Battling the blank page!"

Theme 7- redraw a panel from a comic, pick something challenging.

 For this ,I picked a panel from the Valerian comic "At the Edge of the Great Void" because the artist Mezieres always amazes me on how he can fit so much world, characters, and dialog into a scene and the panel will still not feel compressed.

 I changed the girl because I felt like it, and the bent knee from the original was the catalyst, yet I still tried to give her that long alien look. #

Tools-pigma Micron pens, Jellyroll white.
(Click on images to enlarge!)

(From original)

(The book)

If you haven't read any of this series your missing out!- Mikey>( ^ - ^ )>

Friday, September 13, 2019

Next week's #Sketch_Battles Theme 7

#Sketch_Battles Theme 7-
                 (Click on image to enlarge!)

So this week was been busy, I've been given some really great drawing Opportunities and 
Have been pulling a lot of late nights  and all nighters this week as a result .

I even put out a new book of dream stories, "Garbage Fries", with my friend Becky and the dog Taco, who wishes his name was Tyson, after Mike.

A small test run of books we printed up, sold out in 2 days, so we are off to the printer for a new batch!

But despite how busy it's been ,the bro, Matt and I still made time to enjoy some Blaze Pizza tonight.
 At this point it's almost a weekly tradition.  
(Click on image to enlarge!)
See you all next week!- Mikey>( ^ - ^)<

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wednesday's #Sketch_Battles "Battling the blank page"- post #6

#Sketch_Battles Theme 6- Draw a character exploring an underground environment.

Today Since this post is so late(fell asleep at art desk, don't recommend.) I've decided to show a little look at my process.
Tools-orange pencil, Pen, white out, inkwash.
                         Enjoy!_Mikey>( ^ - ^ )<

(Click on images to enlarge.)


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday's theme and #Sketch_Battles Theme 6!

Today's sketch also happens to also include next week's Theme for Wednesday's  #Sketch_Battles "Battling the blank page!"
Theme 6- Draw a character exploring an underground environment.

Be creative, push yourself,  and have fun, post Wednesday(on Instagram using #Sketch_Battles)!

Below Image was created with Sakura Micron PN, Jelly Roll white pen, and Toned with Clip art Studio.
   (Click on image to enlarge.)
Enjoy!- Mikey>( ^ - ^ )<


Wednesday's #Sketch_Battles "Battling the blank page"- post #5

#Sketch_Battles theme 5 Draw a Studio Gibli film character or scene, I chose the film  "Princess Mononoki" . Tools-Pen, white out, 3 color pencils.
(Click images to enlarge)

                         Enjoy!- Mikey>( ^ - ^ )<