Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Behind the scenes of Agent Orange!

Just under two days till Agent Orange makes her triumphant return!
Yes, every page is drawn with an Orange pencil.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Agent Orange Returns!

She's back! Starting this Friday, a new Agent Orange page will be up every Friday at!  
The adventure picks up where it left off.  A shapeshifting, vampire-like creature had infiltrated the Paradigm, masquerading as Agent Orange.  But, undergoing the rigorous  levels of security, the creature's true nature was revealed.  With a nack for impeccable timing, the real (and battered) Agent Orange shows up at the Gateway. Looking for payback!   
Tune in this Friday for the exciting conclusion, years in the making!   

Behind the page look:Better Run through the Jungle

A look at page 11 pencils of ,Better Run Through the Jungle. And a characters sketch from the Web comic series. New pages Wednesday!