Friday, August 30, 2019 Friday's sketch and the new Sketch Battles theme

Hey everyone so Thursday's sketch and theme update turned into Friday's ,as I fell asleep in the middle of posting(oops :/ )!

But here we are with 2 of the sketchcards out of the 100 cards I did, promoting the return of "Cyberfrog" the popular 90's comic now being revamped by his original creater, Ethan Van Sciver(1st image Pen, copic markers. 2nd image pen and watercolors)!
               (Click on images to view larger)
             New #Sketch_Battles theme5
              for all you Miyuzaki fans!!!!

Hope to see more of you participating this Wednesday  in #Sketch_Battles "Battling the blank page." weekly exercises. 
Come post on Instagram,  let's have some fun!-                                -Mikey>( ^ - ^ )<

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