Monday, November 13, 2017

Another Mikey Dream -part 1

Another Mikey Dream -part 1  (ink Pen, MS tone)   Hey everybody this week I'm going to be serializing another Mikey Short but I also want to give you a heads up that starting next week Issue #1 of SodaPop Magazine (available for purchase on Amazon-see above tab) is going to be serialized here on the site for free. Followed by#2.

I'm asking you to read along and share with friends that might be interested in something new and creator owned in advance of the next 70 days postings.  I'm hoping that we can generate a base of loyal readers to support our continued efforts in the publishing of SodaPop Magazine.

                                                  (open image in new tab to view larger)

                                                  Thanks for your support! -Mikey>( ' - ' )<

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