Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 29!

Mikey's - #Inktober -Day 29! (brush pen and white out)  as Halloween is approaching I decided to make Fright Night style fan art featuring 2 Characters from the web-comic phenomenon, "Time Cheetah"!  Time Cheetah was conceived by the brilliantly funny brothers Alejandro Verdugo and Carlos Guzman! If you love action and if you love  comedies and if you love sexy but modestly dressed Chicas, then you need TIME CHEETAH(click to read) in your life!
  Besides what other web series is gonna' offer you the weekly Art of the Cossin Bros.?!!!That's right! Time Cheetah features the beautiful character designs and sequential art of Matt  Cossin  and it's                                         100% colored by me!           So enjoy! -Mikey >( ^ - ^ )<!

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