Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Sorry for the lack of updates this past week.

A big part of our family ,the big meower (talker), a stubborn, lionhearted, tiger striped member of our family, our cat Sergio, passed away this afternoon.

Gifted to us(my brother Matt and I) by our Mother after her passing Sergio, has modeled and appeared in the background of more than a few sketches, comic books, and slept on my lap or in the chair beside me during the inking and coloring of my own comic book work.

Last week his 18yrs seemed to catch up to him as he decided not to eat or drink but sought only restless sleep.   I was able to comfort, Sergio all throughout the night and until this afternoon by stroking his ears and neck  allowing him to sleep at times.  But when I stopped he began crying repeatedly, louder than I thought possible in his weakened state, too tired to even move his head. Unwilling to let go of the reassurance  of our contact. But with my arms  tired from the long night, I took off my t-shirt and placed it folded beneath his head and he immediately grew calm smelling my familiar scent.

Though incredibly weak , with shallow breaths Sergio, stubbornly held on to life , waiting for Matt to return home. And when Matt did come home in the early evening, he knelt beside Sergio, held his paw told him we loved him, and told him no need to be stubborn anymore.
Go see momma ,Baby-Boy, it's alright. And with that, Sergio our little companion of 18yrs  took a deep breathe and let out his last breathe.

We thank God for the companionship  and joy he has brought our lives , by sticking us with the best cat I have ever known, Sergio Cossin.
- from this cat, Mikey >( - _ - )<

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