Wednesday, March 28, 2012

KingMakers Comix has Arrived!!!!!!!

Kingmakers Premiered its first comic title, One Shot 2 Killz at WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center March16-18th!  Amazingly enough we found we already had a number one fan, who volunteered to  cover the occasion in photos!  
Tip of the hat to Rick ( or Big Red, as we like to call him).


  1. Hey Felipe! Whats he working on these days? This con looks like so much fun! I should try and come next year! I love the site btw guys GOOD JOB!!!


  2. You got my man Dan's Zombie Tramp twins, lol... Felipe! ...and, me ?!?! :o

    Great seeing you guys at the show!

    You make great comics and art! ;)

  3. Brandon, It was great seeing Felipe! He said he had JUST gotten back to the states. But no doubt he'll hit the ground running!

  4. Jason, Thanks! Great seeing you at WonderCon! Luv'd your books! And the Zombie Tramp Twins! :)